Welcome to the modular version of our course "Fast track to Contactless EMV expertise".

Contactless EMV Module 1: Beginner

Begin your journey into the exciting world of Contactless EMV with the 1st module of our course 'Fast track to Contactless EMV expertise".

Get a reminder of the key elements of contact chip transactions, and learn how contactless payment works, with its different operating modes and processing paths.

Contactless EMV Module 1 is a 2-hour high-level course that paints the big picture of contactless card payment. 

This 1st module is not very technical, and can be taken by anyone who wants to start a journey towards contactless payment expertise.

Upon completion of this module, a "Beginner level" certificate is delivered to the student, which can be printed and shared on LinkedIn. 

All the video lessons come with English closed captions/subtitles, which have been automatically translated into the following languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian and Urdu.

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Complete course presentation

Let the instructor tell you all about the course!

Unique learning approach

The learning path is one of increasing complexity, with building blocks to construct the Contactless EMV knowledge, and quizzes to keep students engaged.

This is the first of 3 modules that will take you on a path towards Contactless EMV expertise.

The Contactless EMV Module 1 course starts with a reminder of the EMV notions that are still relevant for contactless, including its transaction flow and how tags, TLV and DOLs work. 

The contactless journey then starts, with an introduction on contactless payment and its different outcomes, with a review of the specifications involved and with a quick dive on how it works at a low level. You will also learn about how the different card brands manage their transaction flow. And you will see how EMV tries to create a unique payment experience with display messages, light and audio.

Those constitute the building blocks needed to continue to the second module of the complete course.

Contactless EMV Module 1 curriculum

  • 1
    01. Contact EMV - Recap
    • Course material
    • 01-01. The big picture
    • 01-02. Contact EMV: transaction flow
    • 01-03. Notions of Tag, TLV and DOL
    • Chapter 1 Quiz
  • 2
    02. Contactless: General concepts
    • 02-01. Contactless payment
    • 02-02. Specifications
    • 02-03. Low-level
    • 02-04. Contactless paths
    • 02-05. Lights, audio and messages
    • Chapter 2 Quiz

Who is the course intended for?

I built the course with the following audience in mind: people who need strong Contactless EMV technical knowledge to be effective and efficient in their work. This includes roles in the following areas:

  • Payment terminal EMV certification
  • Payment terminal integration
  • Payment terminal development or quality assurance
  • Troubleshooting transaction failures for banks or acquirers
  • Chip card issuance
  • Chip card development or quality assurance
  • Consulting in any of the areas above

I hope you’ll enjoy taking this course as much as I enjoyed building it.

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